Two letters


The systematic measures lately implemented in the direction of wide-scale investigation of the history and culture of Nakhchivan is an unexampled contribution to the historystudies of Azerbaijan. All kind of archeological excavations held in this ancient land, restoration of historical monuments, consistent scientific conferences and symposiums are said to be the most unsubstitutional samples in the direction of possessing and protecting of our history. When adding the published books and monographies worked out on the bases of the significant facts and documents to this list recently the systematic character of the done works can be pictured more vividly.

So that, “Prophet Noah: world storm and Nakhchivan”, “The encyclopaedia of Nakhchivan”, the multi-volume of “The history of Nakhchivan”, “The atlas of Nakhchivan history”, “The encyclopaedia of Nakhchivan monuments”, “Archeological investigations in Nakhchivan”, “Alinja fortress”, “Dede Gorgud land Nakhchivan: historical-geography and ethnographic atlas”, “The monuments of Nakhchivan-Turk-Islam culture” and other hundreds of fundamental works are scientific-historical publications of special importance got published by the initiative and direct leadership of Mr. Vasif Talibov, Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Those publications prepared on the ground of exact historical facts, maps, photo-pictures and other documents are very neat argument to Armenians who at times tried to falsificate our history and sadly in the Soviet period they could somehow do it. But besides this mentioned matter all these publications are good contribution in learning the history of Azerbaijan rather perfectly.

One more sample to this list is included the book “A. S. Griboyedov: Poet-diplomat” recently published in Nakhchivan. The book penned by the publicist and politologue Reyhan Mirzazadeh includes several important moments having great significance in the history of Azerbaijan and as well as in Nakhchivan.

The life and activity of Alexsander Griboyedov (1795-1829), Polish nationality Russian playwright, writer and diplomat is dealt in the book, his diplomatic activity in signing the better known Turkmenchay peace treaty as a result of Russia-Iran war (1826-1828) is drawn to the attention of people.It is also stressed that the writer began to write his famous comedy “Wanderer” in Azerbaijan. The author in his book also touches on Griboyedov and Abbasgulu agha Bakikhanov, the great historian, thinker relations and strong friendships, his business cooperation with each-other and along with this the Russian diplomat’s special notes about Nakhchivan draw the attention respectively. Even he can’t hide his admiration about the history and nature of Nakhchivan, its cultural view and above all it’s working people and patriotic nation.

We are reading his notes referring to 1819: We climbed up the mountains. After some hours long distance we reached around the famous “Ilanlidagh”(Forked mountain), then from there we reached the village named Gazanchy… The vast valley of Nakhchivan draws one’s attention and in the same time the magnificent views of Daghlig Garabagh in the North-East direction admire the attention with its facinating features. Subsequently Ilan daghy and two mountains of its alike on the other bank of the Araz are seen from far away; at last in the West the huge Aghry mountain rises up. Nakhchivan itself is located on a hilly place and it is as known the continuation of the Garabagh mountains”

Condemning  the “Iravan crusade” Griboyedov writes in his notes: “All cornfields along the Araz river villages have grown ripen but there are no people to gather the harvest. Because all local people had left their homes after Armenians’ aggression”.

Generally, there are a lot of information in the notes of “Iravan crusade”to have been prepared during the Russia-Iran war dealt with Nakhchivan. When overviewed the notes it becomes clear that Nakhchivan is highlighted in the biography and creation of Griboyedov. He began his talks with the Iran lateral in Nakhchivan together with Bakikhanov, discussed the issues on the moved Armenians from Iran. At last when the writer was mercilessly killed during the attack to the embassy of Russia in Tehran in 1829 his corpse was highly welcomed in Nakhchivan.

The Russian poet V. Grigoryev being among his friends in greeting the late Griboyedov’s corpse published the very valuable works on Nakhchivan in 1833 entitled “Statistical description of the Nakhchivan province” after thorough investigation.

Second letter

One of the vital moments written by Reyhan Mizazadeh in his book “A. S. Griboyedov: Poet-diplomat” is the letter written by Griboyedov in October, 1828 in the city of Julfa. The letter addressed to the commander-in-chief general Paskevich of the Caucasus. The very letter unvails everything clearly that Armenians’ claim as if being the ancinet residents of the Southern Caucasus is fake and it is only a hen dream, nothing else more. Griboyedov in his that letter writes: “Armenians being moved to the areas of Azerbaijan after Turkmanchay treaty is unconsidered policy. Because, this consent given by the Russian government on their move causes just protest by local population in Nakhchivan…. Before this move the number of Armenians living in Nakhchivan was very few number”.

Then Griboyedov puts forward his other diplomatic suggestion in the way of solving this conflict:“The moved Armenians to be sent to other places. Willy-nilly they have no place to live, they have no lands here. It seems we dispossess the local bey-khans’ power and authority and instead of this wrong action Russia government obliges the local population to accept strange and complicated laws respectively. Please, consider all the process going on in the region or else the influential people and religion men together with local population can never accept the fake laws of strange nation by force”.

Talented diplomat Griboyedov was completely aware of the nasty policy, nature and intention of Armenians and he could reach to the mind of high position of the state about the expected real dangers in the region. Later he wrote to the Russia emperor: “His Excellency, don’t permit the settlement of Armenians in the central Russia lands at all. They are such a tribe that some years after their settlement they will have land claims shamelessly and even will try to bring fake arguments  to prove the lands as if were their eternal homelands, and even they will perform themselves needy people in front of different organizations”.

Sergey Dimitriyev, honorary cultural worker of Russia, secretary of the Russia Writers Union in connection with the theme writes that during those hard 2-3 years around 70 thousand Armenians were removed from Iran to Azerbaijan. Mainly they were removed to the territories  of Nakhchivan and Garabagh Khanates. Dimitriyev touching on some basical historical monuments connected with the removal of Armenians to Daghlig Garabagh says confessing that although A. Griboyedov took part in the process of Armenians’ mass removal to this province, but he is not completely guitly in this matter: “It is a clear fact that it was Griboyedov who had written the Turkmanchay treaty himself. But that the article 15 added to the treaty on moving Armenians to Azerbaijan areas exists in the Gulustan treaty signed in 1813 too”.

All these mentioned facts once more prove that Armenians were removed to the Southern Caucasus and as well as to Azerbaijan two centuries ago. Naturally it could be impossible to create the ancient historical monuments or any culture within this short period. Let’s say that Armenians were removed to these areas 6 centuries later when Ajami had erected Momuna Khatin tomb in Nakhchivan in the XII century.

First letter

It is better to remind that Armenians’ removal to the Caucasus not only is cleared in Griboyedov’s letter addressed to Paskevich, but also in the letter sent to Shah Ismayil Khatai in 1519 written by Ravangulu khan, baylarbay of Chukhursad and everything on their removal to the Caucasus is explained and proved based on the official documents and real facts unconditionally.

This letter of great importance is a neat argument to the Armenians who have settled in the territories of Azerbaijan after occupation Iravan Khanate. One clearly knows that the terrorist and aggressive policy of Armenians had been going on during 20 century long: “My Lord! I’ve never gone far. But based on my recent years observations I can directly say that the Armenians to have been moved to the shore of the Van lake from Buyunnannahrey (from between two rivers. S.T), from there in fives in tens to Gaf, namely to our lands, didn’t obey the principles of the treaty, where is exactly noted that the so called needy Armenians might be busy with making their living as builders, carpenters but sadly they began to claim the lands around them and felt themselves as sedentary local population and systematically created unrest in the region. At present, thecatholicos second of the world Armenians Grigori in Aghkilsa village continues his sabotage activity against our office. The very catholicos sponsors the settlements of Armenians in the territory of the Turk lands in twos-in threes families on the account of the donated budget: the cathalicos creates fruitful condition for the removed Armenians, builds churches and enable them to live in Gaf as if their homeland which one day will cause unbearable disasters in the region. ..Today there is any single village not to find at least three strange homes. Prostitute Armenian girls-women do all their utmost to be in intim intercourse with dashingTurk fellows, they continue their traditional dishonest, shameful actions openly. They by all means try to marry the Oghuz youth, then to possess our property, lands and with this they commit crimes. The increase of mixed marriages fears me much more, my Lord. Permit me to return only 15 thousand of those strange Armenians there from where they have come. Your faithful slave Ravan khan”.

Last word

Surely, there is no great fact, but the fact of Lord. To percept and to study such historical documents and facts are of great importance, especially for our young generation. I am hopeful by casting such facts over internet resources in English and Russian has exclusive importance. No secret that today the wars are waged not only by frustrated weapons, but also via scientific facts and information in different languages.

We have to do our utmost to spread widely either R. Mirzazadeh’s “A. S. Griboyedov: Poet diplomat” book or other enumerated documentary materials in a wide scale areal respectively.

Sahil Tahirli 


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